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Raw 1-gram Pre Rolled Joints – Hybrid


Buy our pre-rolled joints online and take your smoking sessions to the next level. Having a hard time rolling a joint? Go for out awesome Pre-rolled joints! Yes, pre rolled joints not only save you time but are also easy and ready to use. This convenient product is made with pure raw rolling paper whose strains give you a fantastic high. Our pre-rolled blunts & joints allow individuals to immediately enjoy cannabis at their convenience without having to prepare it. Naturally-grown pure cannabis can do wonders, especially if it is consumed correctly.

All pre-rolled joints are rolled with natural unrefined Raw Organic Hemp rolling papers, made from natural hemp & water, finished with a sustainably harvested organic gum from Acacia tree sap.

SPECIAL DEAL: Buy 4, get 1 free.


5 x Pre-Roll Joints (1 gram each)


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