What are moon rocks?
Think of it like a luxurious nug dipped in cannabis concentrate and dusted with even more concentrate in the form of kief. Yup, it’s all the craze. Moon rocks are literally nugs of cannabis flower dipped in extracts and rolled in kief. Moon rocks are typically high in THC, averaging more than 50%, and valued foremost for their potency. Moon rocks are also frequently referred to as “cannabis caviar,” although this title is technically reserved for buds dipped in extracts but without the added layer of kief.

How do I use moon rocks? Do’s and don’ts:


  • Use scissors to break the moon rocks into small pieces
  • Use glass smoking gear as opposed to rolling papers
  • Lightly pack a bowl of moon rocks into a pipe or a water piece to ensure you lose as little kief as possible
  • Use hemp wick to light your moon rocks


  • Try to roll it up into a moon rock joint or a moon rock blunt
  • Put moon rocks in your grinder
  • Pack a bowl of moon rock weed too tightly

Our moon rocks are made in-house & for your absolute enjoyment. Enjoy your trip to outer space!


1) Breaking Down: use a knife or scissors instead of a grinder. To get a nice even burning consistency you want to break the moonrock up a bit and mix it with some ground flower. It’s covered in kief or bubble hash so if you break it up by hand, you’ll lose a bunch of product. It’s not recommended that you put moonrocks in a grinder either, it’ll gunk up your grinder and you’ll still lose a lot of product. I recommend cutting or shaving off pieces using a clean pocketknife or scissors. It’ll help your gram of moonrocks last longer as well too!

2) Smoking Moonrocks: smoke using Glass Pipes. Glass, aka bowls/bubblers/bongs, are the most widely recommended way to enjoy moonrocks. It is however, not recommended to stick a whole moonrock or solely moonrocks into the bowl. Over-packing the bowl with moonrocks can get oily and then not burn well. Also, moonrocks will stay burning once lit, and you’ll end up wasting smoke.

3) Rolling Up with Moonrocks: If you’re rolling a joint or blunt, you can totally add some moonrock bits in with your flower and roll as you typically would! I like to mix it well with my flower and then roll, but some people prefer to lay out their paper or wrap with bud on it, then add the concentrates on top, then roll up. Either way it’s best to choose a thicker rolling paper/wrap, like a hemp wrap so the oil doesn’t leech through the paper.

4) Potency: be Prepared With such a high potency product, taking the low and slow approach is totally recommended, especially for those newer to cannabis use. You can always smoke more if you see fit. Remember that with three sources of THC, there is likely to be a heavier experience. Some report increased cottonmouth and munchies along with the increased effects. Though that has not been my experience, it never hurts to have some snacks and a water around after a smoke sesh!

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